Personal Security System

Be secure and protected with Guard Llama. With just a click of a button, police are notified and show up at your location.

The Guard Llama System

In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Click panic button

Step 2

Guard Llama notified

Step 3

Local police respond

What Our Partners Are Saying


Dorri McWhorter

CEO YWCA, Young Womens' Christian Association

Elizabeth Mendenhall

future president of NAR

Safety, simplified.


The Guard Llama was designed to look just like any other key fob that might be found on a set of keys, purse, backpack or belt loop. With no markings or colors to identify the Guard Llama, potential attackers will have no idea the device is being used.

Alerts the Police

Instead of contacting a user’s friends and family, Guard Llama sends an alert directly to the people that can help the most—the police.

UL Listed Federally Certified Dispatch Center

Our 24/7, national UL listed federally certified dispatch center ensures a Guard Llama user’s personal profile, picture, GPS location and altitude is sent directly to the nearest police dispatch in the event of an emergency.

GPS Connect

If the Guard Llama remote is triggered, the user’s exact GPS location is sent directly to police via their smartphone. This allows police to have a more accurate location of the emergency, and increases response time byup to 80%.

Battery Life

The Guard Llama battery will last about 3 years before it needs to be replaced. If the battery in the device ever stops working, just let us know and we’ll send a brand new remote at no cost.

Nationwide Coverage

Guard Llama works anywhere in the United States. If the user has enough cell service to send a text message, they can send a Guard Llama alert.